Alpha Genomix, a recognized leader in genetic testing, is leveraging its clinical grade capabilities to offer biopharmaceutical companies and contact research organizations unparalleled research services. Our flexible engagement model enables you to be in control of the testing format that best meets your needs.

Why Alpha Genomix?

The Right Lab: Choose from a large and ever expanding clinically validated portfolio of single gene tests or customized gene panels that best fit your needs. We offer in-house custom assay design, development and validation to meet your unique research requirements.

The Right Team: With over 25 years of combined research experience, our team of talented scientists offers unrivaled scientific consultation and technical support. With proficient technologists, certified in various clinical testing areas, we deliver quality and value in a timely manner.

The Right Technology: With a large array of instrumentations, technologies, chemistries and automated solutions housed in a state of the art facility, we are able to tackle complexity and scalability of genetic testing projects with ease. We are able to process a variety of sample types including non-invasive oral swabs, Blood, FFPE tissue, unprocessed tissue and bone marrow.

Featured Methodologies:

• Real-time PCR

• Sanger Sequencing

• Cell-Based Assays

• Next-Generation Sequencing

• Capillary Electrophoresis

• Companion Diagnostics

Featured Applications:

  • High throughput analysis of CNVs, SNPs and INDELs

  • Molecular Profiling of Solid Tumors and Hematological Malignancies

  • Nucleic acid extraction from a variety of samples types including FFPE

Featured Techologies:

Illumina Technologies
Agilent Technologies
QiaGen Technologies
Fluidigm Technologies
Eppendorf Technology
perkinElmer Technologies
Invitrogen Technologies