Individual genetic variations greatly impact individual’s response to therapeutic drugs. It is predicted that more than 20% of patients being treated with a particular drug are poor responders. Traditional standard approaches of “trial and error” and “one-size and one dose fits all” contribute to 25-50% of drug toxicity and therapeutic failures. Testing for genetic variations can predict individual patient response to particular therapeutic regiments. It provides powerful information that allows physicians to make an informed decision when prescribing a particular drug to their patient.

At Alpha Genomix we have one of the most comprehensive panels of pharmacogenetic tests with clinical utility in areas including pain, cardiovascular disease, thrombophilia, cancer and Psychiatry/ADHD. These tests allow physicians to personalize treatments regiments for individual patients.

Patients and physicians can choose either our comprehensive personalized medicine panel which detects over 100 clinically significant genetic variants from over 20 drug-metabolizing enzymes or one of our medical specialty panels found below.

dna make up and genetic
personalized medicine for psychiatry and ADHD
personalized medicine for Cardiology and Thrombophilia
Cancer drug sensitivity testing
pain area focus