What is Pharmacogenomics?
Pharmacogenomics is the study of how a person’s genetic makeup affects that individual’s response to medications. In doing this, it aims to develop a strategy to optimize drug therapies. Data with respect to a patient’s genotype is used to try and maximize drug efficacy while minimizing adverse drug effects and drug-drug interactions.
Benefits of PGT
In recent years pharmacogenetic testing (PGT) as a routine clinical tool in patient care has become more commonplace. Advances in technology have made testing more accurate, quicker to implement in a clinical laboratory setting, and less costly. These factors, combined with great strides in our interpretation of genetic data have led to a revolutionary way in how a physician approaches patient care.

Recent studies have shown that PGT can decrease healthcare costs while simultaneously improving clinical outcomes. Mitigation of costly trial and error periods when trying to select a new pharmacotherapy, as well as mitigation of costs associated with treating adverse drug events and serious drug interactions, have emerged as a new cost-saving tools in the clinics.

THE BENEFITS OF PGT ARE CLEAR —improved patient outcomes when initiating drug regimens, reduced risk of harmful drug-drug interactions and reduced risk of adverse drug events.

Statistics on Adverse Drug Events
    • 82% of American adults take at least one medication and 29% take five or more. (CDC).
    • Adverse Drug Events(ADE) cause over 700,000 emergency department visits each year. (CDC).
    • Nearly 120,000 patients each year need to be hospitalized for further treatment (CDC) .
    • Over 100,000 people die each year due to adverse drug events (FDA).
    • 4th leading cause of death, Ahead of pulmonary disease, diabetes, AIDS, pneumonia, accidents and automobile deaths (FDA).
    • ADEs cause injuries or death in 1 of 5 hospital patients. (New England Journal of Medicine).
    • $3.5 billion is spent on extra medical costs dues to ADEs annually (CDC).
Currently, most physicians use “one size fits all” approach. 
personalized medicine
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Pharmacogenomics – Introduction

Pharmacogenetics refers to the study of genetic influences on an individual’s response to drugs. In pharmacogenetics, the analysis of a specific gene, or group of genes, may be used to predict responses to a specific drug or class of drugs.

Pharmacogenomics refers collectively to all the genes that influence drug responses, and how genome-wide analysis may be used to identify such genes in the search for novel drug targets and/or key determinants of drug reactions.

About Pharmacogenomics

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