Advances in our understanding and interpretation of genetic information have led to a revolution in the way physicians can approach patient care, which has resulted in a new era emerging for personalized medicine. Physicians no longer need to leave proper patient outcome to hope and chance. A partnership with Alpha Genomix will give physicians and their patients, critical insights into drug effectiveness, potential side effects, and adverse drug reactions before initiating a pharmacotherapy.

dna molecule

Un-paralleled Quality

  • Cutting edge Pharmacogenetic Testing (PGT) analysis using the latest instrumentation and technology.
  • Simple collection devices for increased accuracy and adequate collection of DNA.
  • Results in 3-5 days via fax and/or web-portal
genetic testing report

Comprehensive pharmacogenetic reports that truly empower Personalized Medicine

    • Customizable patient reports allowing physicians to quickly ascertain actionable information.
    • Exclusive “Patient Card” allowing patients to provide test results to other treating physicians.

sample collection for medical lab testing

Alpha Genomix Collection Method